Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gathering on the Porch

 It's such a warm, humid day. Temperatures in the mid 80's, light breeze occasionally, scattered clouds. A cold front should come through tomorrow, but today we're experiencing all the humidity dragged up out of the Gulf. Nevertheless, it's not horrible outside on the shaded porch so most of us wound up out there around mid-morning.

The children were working on schoolwork, the cats were lazing around, and I pulled the pack-n-play out for the baby to keep her out of trouble. Meanwhile, I worked on carding more wool. So nice to sit in a rocking chair and watch the rolags pile up in a spare pillowcase next to me.


  1. what a wonderful time! love the pictures! :) and carding more wool, that's great! :)

  2. That looks lovely! Our school day does not look very peaceful today. :(

  3. oh yes, you are inspirng me to do more school outside. pack n play is a great idea


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