Monday, November 3, 2014

Mug Challenge

I have an oversized mug on my desk that I use to keep pens and pencils in for my convenience.


Just now I decided to go ahead and make out a list of things I need to do today (it's going to be extensive) so I grabbed a piece of paper and reached for a pen. Or a pencil.


I peered into the dusty depths of the mug, wondering what had happened to all of my useable writing utensils. Silly question, of course. The children take them. The mug, however, is full. It's kind of like when the refrigerator is full, but there's nothing to eat. What is in the mug, anyway?

1 yellow highlighter
1 king-size permanent black marker
1 white-out pen (probably last used in 1997)
1 calligraphy pen with no ink
2 small paintbrushes
7 colored pencils in various states of dillapidation
1 "twist up" crayon in the helpful color of light yellow
2 pencils, one with broken lead and the other intact, but less than 3 inches long
3 crayons
6 pen caps (without pens)
1 tiny flat head screwdriver
1 bolt of unknown origin
3 non-rechargeable AAA batteries
1 cross with window cling
2 push pins
1 Christmas light

Well, at least I found a pencil to write with.

So, here's the mug challenge: Look into your own mug/cup/whatever on your desk and itemize the contents, taking a picture if possible. Post it on your blog or on your photo-sharing site and link to it here so we can all go laugh. :) Extra points to the person who finds something they had been looking for for longer than a month.


  1. The collections I found on the top of my fridge several months ago- the BEST picture I have!!

  2. This reminds me of when we had a fundraiser at church for a local crises pregnancy center. We collected change and as we were counting it, we found lots of foreign coins (not unusual in a diverse congregation) a few medals, an earring or two and funniest of all- tokens from a casino. My husband pointed out that on a lucky night, that token could be the biggest donation of them all. :)

  3. I have 9 pens, 2 pencils, 2 black sharpies, 1 yellow highlighter, 1 red marker, 1 ruler, and 1 pair of scissors. All of them are functioning. Very boring.

    Mind you this is in the mug on my desk at the library where I work, in a non-public department. No one ever sits sits at my desk but me. We won't talk about the stacks of paper and random detritus over-flowing the desk all around the mug. That might make an amusing picture!

    1. I'm drooling over your abundance of functioning pens!


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