Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yarn Along: Cozy Doll Sweaters

 I've been making an effort lately to go ahead and get items into the shop to represent all of the categories I want to offer. The first doll sweater to be featured I already posted about, and in fact, it's headed to the post office today! This is the second. I worked on it in the car on the way to and fro St. Francisville yesterday for a funeral.

I hope I can finish it today.

And, in keeping with my extraordinary taste in books, I picked this up at the library on Monday:

 Yes, the Bermuda Triangle. (I like how the two photos above both have similar triangles. (c; )

This is not a sensationalist book but an exhaustive work by a reference librarian to gather all of the reliable references he could find (no mean feat in pre-internet 1975!) and collect them in one place. In doing so, and in examining what facts we do know about the incidents, he shows that there really isn't anything mysterious about it at all, but a legend that people enjoy perpetuating. Plus, I just enjoy books about shipwrecks and such. :)


  1. how fun, that book :) and those sweaters look just darling! how smart of you to make them for the shop!!

    1. Thank you! It's in the shop now so you can see the completed photos. :)

  2. Lovely sweater! I read about that funeral on Dreher's blog; how sad!


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