Thursday, December 18, 2014


 I have more things to do than I can shake a stick at. Somehow, when I get tired and down, all these Southernisms seem so apt.

Our first table-top tree. Out of the reach of little hands!

I finished the last three censers last night, popping them in their wrapping around midnight. They'll go to the post office this morning. I have small - oh so small - things I'm working on for all of my nieces and nephews (ten of them) and I need to get those done so I can... go to the post office! I've been there almost every business day for a couple weeks. We're all practically on a first-name-basis.

 I'm in danger of letting myself dissolve.

While the inside of the house is decorated, I haven't done the outside, with the exception of a simple wreath on the front door. We haven't driven to look at Christmas lights. The Christmas cards and photos are still sitting on my dresser.

At the moment adding anything ELSE to my paltry list seems insane; I have enough to say grace over. (See, there's another one.) So, I will not be baking this year. To be more clear, I will not bake before Christmas. I usually bake baklava and other goodies and send them to family members but I just can't do it this year. I feel awful about that.

A few weeks ago, Christmas seemed pretty far away and all things seemed possible. Now, with one week to go, reality is holding the trump card.

I've been promising myself that when the last things that I must do are done, then I will slow down and reflect. Something I've been very short on this Advent...


  1. it's a challenge to learn the ropes of a business and timing. For me it's been a learning curve too - did too many things in a short period of time - we hope to space it out better next year - but God is in control of our future...

    much love and prayers. It's OK not to do all you usually do; you did a lot of extra this year with your new shop and that is providing for your family and that's is a HUGE thing. Plus the fact that you have so many young ones in your care. ((((HUGS))))

  2. the fact that you have baked in the past does not mean you should feel bad for not baking this year!!! that's just silly. if we have time and inclination and the stars all line up just right, baking for people is lovely. it's not lovely if it's an obligation or something that weighs on us -- then it's just goofy.

    I just decorated a tree and put up stockings yesterday. we have not gone to see Christmas lights or done anything that screams, "IT IS DECEMBER 18 ALREADY!:. We are taking our sweet time.

    Do as much as is a blessing to you, as much as brings you and your household warmth and joy. Let's not fret over the stuff we don't do; those things are meant to be a blessing, not an obligation or a source of pain.

    I haven't baked anything, won't be sending around cookies this year. I don't even have an excuse. I'm just not doing it.


  3. A beauty of being Orthodox- your "Christmas" cards can be "Theophany" cards. :) That's one thing I'm finally realizing- that I can truly take the time between Christmas and Theophany to do some activities that I used to push to do mid-December.

    This year is a big learning year for you because of the business. Next year you can promote your shop all year and say something like "All Christmas orders MUST be placed by Nov 1" or something else so that you can be done in time to focus on your family.

    You are a blessing to those around you, don't forget that!! (((HUGS))) <3

  4. I'm in the same boat, with significantly less on my plate overall and a good deal less ambition.:) Christmas cards still waiting to be addressed, having already determined any baking will occur AFTER the 25th. I guess it's homeschooling and running our new co-op that I'm adjusting to. Christmas will still come without peanut butter balls; and if we really want them we've got 12 days of Christmas to make them, right? :)


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