Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

We had a lovely Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil this morning. I hope Miss Moppet does a little better tonight than she did this morning. I do want to help sing a bit more than I was able to. 

The house is filled with warmth and the scent of cinnamon (from the Litya bread for Vigil tonight). The stockings are not hung by the chimney with care; they are stashed on top of a bookcase with care because when they are hung from the mantel a little small someone can reach them. We finally gave up and filled the crib with presents, keeping the mountain from coming to Mohammed, or something like that.

I did finally get the outside decorated, due to pleas from various children. The front door has had a wreath for a week, but only today did I get any exterior lights done, etc.

I'll be making a few foods ahead of tomorrow this afternoon. Then Vigil tonight, and home and into new Christmas pajamas (for the children). It seemed Christmas would never come, but now Advent seems to have gone by so quickly.

Today the Virgin comes to the cave 
to give birth to the Eternal Word. 
Hear the glad tidings and rejoice, O universe! 
Glorify with the angels and the shepherds 
the Eternal God, who is willing to appear as a little child!


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