Saturday, December 27, 2014


Gabriel was due today. Since he (or she) would have been born at least a week ago anyway, today doesn't hold as much weight as you might think. It's more of an academic curiosity than anything. Very few babies are born on their due dates anyway. God knows how our days are numbered and some of us have fewer days than others, that's all. Just because my little ones were lost so early doesn't mean they have any less "weight" than the living children. The arrangement in the photo above wasn't planned by me, but arranged by the children, quite unconsciously: there are six earthly children and four heavenly children depicted. Christmas Eve, after the children had gone to bed, I lit the candles and reflected on the scene for a minute. God is good.

Prayer for Unborn Infants

Remember, O Lord, Lover of Mankind the souls of Thy departed servants, infants who died accidentally in the wombs of Orthodox mothers from unknown cause, either from difficult birth, or from some carelessness and who therefore did not receive the Mystery of Holy Baptism. Baptize them, O Lord, in the sea of Thy compassions, and save them by Thine inexpressible grace. Amen.


  1. God is merciful. much love to you and family! what a beautiful symbol of all of your children. (((HUGS)))

  2. I still think of you often and was touched to read this. It is good to be reminded that there are other mamas who have children waiting for them in heaven too. I found the week leading up to James' due date (back in August) quite hard and have lately been wondering how it will feel on the first anniversary of the day I gave birth to his tiny body.... I'm so thankful for God's mercy, grace and peace. He never leaves us. Blessings to you as always, Jennifer


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