Sunday, August 31, 2014

New sweater on the needles

Back and forth, many, many rows for a child's size 6-8. Not boring at all. Just peaceful. A nice counterpart to the documentary on the Lockerbie air disaster I'm watching...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Please pray for Noah and his family

As most of you know from following Praying with my Feet for several years, I have been praying for little Noah Estes who has mitochondrial disease. He just turned eight, which was a miracle. Unfortunately, the news I have been dreading for some time has finally hit: he is almost out of central access locations for his IVs. He has no way to absorb any medication or nutrition via his digestive tract and so depends completely on his central line for all painkillers, antibiotics, nutrition, fluids, blood products, etc. His most recent line was place femorally (in his leg) but that is considered a short-term solution. When that access fails, which it is bound to do, possibly within months, he has one more access site in the other leg. And then, nothing.

Noah is on pediatric hospice (which is different from adult hospice) and his family's goal is to keep him as comfortable and happy at home until he goes to be with God. Please pray that they, in conjunction with his hospice team, will have the wisdom to make the best decisions in keeping with this goal. Also, and very importantly, that they will find at least one private duty nurse. Due to a series of unforeseeable events they are left with no private duty nursing right now. Noah's parents are extraordinarily skilled in his care, but they need assistance because it is a 24 hour job and they have seven other children. And pray for the peace that passes all understanding: losing a child is a terribly hard thing. Lord have mercy!

A change of pace

In addition to a major calorie restriction, I've been walking/jogging 2 miles almost every morning for the past month. This morning, however, because it was cloudy I decided to add 20 pounds of weight and just walk instead. Adding strength training to cardio, as it were.

I've lost 7 pounds so far! It has been quite difficult, but I'm determined to keep it up.

See the little bit of spinning wheel over Miss Moppet's left shoulder? I hope to start spinning soon! Stay tuned!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Finished Fan Shawl

I'm so happy it's done! Not to say I didn't enjoy working on it, but it's always nice to see a finished project.

Ravelry link

Thanks to Father for taking the photos.

Blocking the Shawl

I finished weaving the ends in today. There were a LOT of ends.

I had read an article on steam-blocking knitted items that contained acrylic, so I decided that was the way to go. Plus, the only place I have for blocking is my bed and, while I don't mind using it during the day, I kind of want to sleep in it at night.

Before I completely committed myself to it, I pinned and blocked two little dresses I made for Miss Moppet's bear. The yarn is similar (and in the case of the top dress, identical) to the yarn used in the shawl, so I thought it would be helpful.



Yeah, I know. Almost too small to tell. Well, I went ahead and pinned the shawl. It took every single pin I had, plus a generous number of bent safety pins I use for pinning quilt layers.

Can you see the difference in the pinned and unpinned portions?

(I had pinned a twin-size sheet over the end of the bed but underestimated the amount of coverage I would need for the whole shawl. Oh well.)

Here are a couple detail shots post-steaming. It's still pinned on the bed. I'm planning to leave it there for another hour at least before slowly unpinning a part to see if it worked. If it didn't... well, I don't know. Back to the drawing board. (If it did I'll take photos to show off!)

Beheading of St. John the Forerunner

St. John was beheaded for numerous reasons, not the least of which was speaking out against wrongdoing. And not just any wrongdoing, but the wrongdoing of a king.


The glorious beheading of the Forerunner, 
became an act of divine dispensation, 
for he preached to those in hell the coming of the Savior. 
Let Herodias lament, for she entreated lawless murder, 
loving not the law of God, nor eternal life, 
but that which is false and temporal.

+     +     +     +     +

The truth is seldom popular. It is a lot easier to go along with the mob (for such it is) or even to distance yourself and say "it doesn't matter - it doesn't affect me". Well, "Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing." (John Stuart Mill, 1867)

On Monday, Labor Day, PBS will begin airing a documentary, After Tiller. Here is the synopsis:

 Martha Shane and Lana Wilson's After Tiller is a deeply humanizing and probing portrait of the only four doctors in the United States still openly performing third-trimester abortions in the wake of the 2009 assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas—and in the face of intense protest from abortion opponents. It is also an examination of the desperate reasons women seek late abortions. Rather than offering solutions, After Tiller presents the complexities of these women's difficult decisions and the compassion and ethical dilemmas of the doctors and staff who fear for their own lives as they treat their patients.

Oh, the poor, misunderstood compassionate "doctors", who kill up to full-term infants and endanger the mothers unnecessarily. For profit. I thank Matt Walsh for writing his scathing response. He points out:

[Y]our efforts to humanize abortionists are not necessary. We all know that abortionists are human. That’s why they’re so evil. If they were wolves, or crocodiles, or spiders, we wouldn’t be quite as disturbed by their propensity to murder children of their own species. But, as much as they behave like beasts, they are not. They are people. They are people who do terrible things. They are people who kill children. That’s who they are. We know. God help us, we know.
The only people who need to be “humanized” are the slaughtered children. They are the one group whose very humanity we deny.

We may not have a king in this country, but we have a president. And our current president supports the wholesale murder of unborn children. Not only supports it privately, but publicly. Supports it with the tax dollars that we send. Supports it with propaganda. Supports it with public appearances and speeches. Supports it with lies. Barack Obama is our most pro-abortion president ever. And he is WRONG. PBS, in choosing to air this piece of propaganda is WRONG. They too are participating in the evil that is abortion. And rather than sit by and do nothing. I am contacting contacted PBS to protest, and writing wrote our senators to ask that public funding of PBS be stopped. I encourage you to do the same. Stand up to evil the way St. John did.

St. John the Forerunner and Baptist of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, pray to God for us!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beef Stew and Crusty Bread

 I tried a new bread recipe this afternoon. Nothing fancy, just one that included milk and egg. It might have turned out slightly better had someone (not naming names here because I don't know who) turned the timer on the oven off without telling me. Not really sure how long it cooked. It's good and crusty though!

I had a small piece just to make sure it was good. You know, quality control. Ah, the things I do for this family...

Here are some of the carrots the children pulled from the "garden" in the backyard. They wanted to plant carrots. I said ok. I bought carrot seeds. I handed them over. That was the end of my involvement. These are LITTLE carrots. One of the children called the skinnier ones matchstick carrots. It's true; that's how big some of them are.

We still put them in the beef stew, simmering away in the crock pot for dinner tonight. :) I felt very savvy when I noticed that the price on the label was a dollar more per pound than the price on the refrigerated case. I brought it to their attention and they changed it. Yay me!

I'm about 25% done with binding off the shawl. I'll spend this evening weaving in all the ends and then I'll block it tomorrow. I've decided to steam block it. :) Pictures when I'm done!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yarn Along: In God's Hands

I've had fun the last couple weeks working on a shawl in a fan pattern. It's my first attempt at anything resembling lace (although I admit it doesn't look much like lace in the photos below). After it's blocked the lace should show a little better.

(Ravelry link)
Speaking of which, I'm nervous about blocking it. It's the biggest thing I will have blocked and I am not sure exactly where to do it. I don't have a blocking board. One of those modular things would be helpful here.

(I'll have to post pictures once it's completely done and blocked.)

Lately I realized that I had never really written much of a review of Elissa Bjeletich's book, In God's Hands. It was on sale a few months ago and I treated myself by purchasing it. It arrived just a couple days before I found out that our baby Gabriel had died, so I guess you could say it was good timing.

I had followed Elissa's daughter on her site, The Latest on Mariana. I honestly can't remember when I first heard about Mariana's plight (liver failure) but I know I hung on every word that Elissa wrote. I remember that Elissa was comforting while remaining honest about her fears. Through the grace of God, Mariana survived her illness, a liver transplant, a rocky recovery, and is doing well today. Thanks be to God!

This book is a compilation of those blog posts. Like I said, I received it a few days before we found out Gabriel had died. I read it upon receiving it, but I reread parts a few days later. What struck me was the grace with which Elissa shouldered the burden of uncertainty and bad news, leaning on God for support. She had previously lost a son to SIDS at 6.5 weeks of age and had miscarried another baby, so she had a lot of experience in tragedy. Reading it while waiting to miscarry my own child was very helpful. I admit that my own reactions to loss were not nearly as grace-filled as hers, but there was a certain sense in which, through the book, Elissa was holding my hand and helping me find a way through the dark places.

I thank Elissa for sharing her journey with everyone, first through her blog, and now through this book. What a blessing.

Afternoon Bath

 Just the thing after body-painting with peaches and oatmeal.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 I took Miss Moppet out on the porch steps this evening to watch the sun set. Well, I watched the sky, she watched the cars passing. I tried to point out the cat on the porch opposite us but she didn't see it.

Such cute little dimpled legs and hands. 
(hers, not mine)

My sister returned some baby girl clothes last week and we had fun looking through them. I wish I know who crocheted this sweater, worn by me (I think) as well as others of my siblings. The ribbons need to be replaced in the neck and wrists. 

It should fit Miss Moppet just fine this fall.

I've been hard at work on a surprise for someone. You'll see it tomorrow in the yarn-along post. It won't be done, but it's getting closer!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Peaceful Kitchen

 A rare peaceful time in the kitchen late this afternoon. The much-needed rain was pouring down. I watched it outside the kitchen windows as I snapped beans into a colander.

The baby was in her highchair beside me, munching on apple slices in her mesh feeder. We just picked those apples a few days ago.

The *snap* of the beans, the drumming of the rain, and the little baby noises combined to make something lovely. I was at peace with the world.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Upcoming Etsy Shop

I've spent some of this past week thinking about the ins and outs of an Etsy shop. I think I've finalized the name, what will be sold, etc. As soon as I can make enough items to start it out, I'll open the shop. It will be nice, I think. :)

Contemplating the whole thing makes me wish I had a dedicated crafting room, or at least something more than 1/2 a book case. Ah well. Small houses, babies, and all of that. Most of my projects can be worked on just about anywhere and I've proven to myself that I can sew an entire quilt on a tiny table beside my bed. The only truly needful thing is for me to figure out a way to get my large fabric stash out of the attic and somewhere where I can see and access it. Therein lies the rub. It used to occupy the second bookcase next to my bed but I moved it all to make room for Miss Moppet's clothing and diapers. Something else will have to be found...

reminiscing about what they used to look like:

now they look like:

I think I've got the better deal now. (c:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

All good things... [Updated]

...must eventually come to an end. "Praying with my Feet" will now be a read-only site, but I'm leaving up the majority of posts as an archive. I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging in this little space and have made so many friends! I hope at least some of you will follow me over to my new tiny corner, "A Creative Slice".

Thank you so much for your tremendous love and support these last six years.

[Update 10/20/14: I got homesick!! I had to come back to Praying with my Feet!]

Genesis [Updated]

Having decided to edit my previous blog, Praying with my Feet, much loved for almost six years, and make it read-only, I am embarking on a new blog to show just the creative side of my life. I'll talk about what I'm crocheting, sewing, knitting, cooking, reading, etc. I'll also throw in photographs since I am addicted to taking them even though I am a rank amateur.

I hope some of you will still decide to accompany me along this little journey!

[Update 10/20/14: I got homesick and came back to Praying with my Feet! I imported all of the posts from A Creative Slice including your entertaining comments so no one will miss anything.]