Thursday, January 1, 2015

Yarn Along: Wrapping up 2014

This is a day late (as usual) but I haven't had time to do a yarn-along post for a while and I decided to end the year on a solid note. Ginny said that the theme for this week would be "what we made for Christmas", but since I was so busy before Christmas with the shop I couldn't make anything but a hat ornament for each niece and nephew. And even those, I didn't get photos of. *sigh*

SO, instead, I'm doing a grand finale of all the knitted and crocheted things I made this year. At least the ones I got pictures of. And were able to find the pictures of. So this might actually be the highlights reel. And it's definitely all mixed up.

As far as reading, oh my. I'm not going to do a wrap-up on books. I did indulge and get four of the Donna Parker series that I didn't have to complete the set. And I spent some time actually entering books I've read on Goodreads. I managed to enter 400 and had to take a break.

I hope next week I can do a REAL Yarn Along! What are you creating and reading?


  1. What a great year of making! I love all the things you've made this year. (I also admit to being a wee bit jealous of your needle speed!)

    I love to read, but haven't given as much time to books this year as I would have liked. I tend to choose huge academic tomes that take a long time to get through, and also return to old favorite novels (Outlander series, ahem) again and again instead of tackling new books. I've also prioritized knitting and sewing this year instead of reading. I hope to find a better balance this coming year. :)

    1. You have made so many amazing things this year! And I do the same things in terms of books. I read many things, but do a ton of rereading.

  2. you have made some very beautiful things! :) well done and how lovely!

  3. When I look at your photos I wish I was crafty. Love seeing your shop blossom. Happy New Year!


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