Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Very Springy Out There...

   I posted about spring yesterday, but today I feel like I ought to post about early summer. It's 82 degrees, sunny, humid and breezy. Nice, unless you're in the sun. Thunderstorms later. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 36. The high.

   But, leaving seasonal schizophrenia aside, here are some more photos from the yard this afternoon. I noticed the azaleas were just starting to bloom so I made another round of the yard for photos. This time of year things bloom overnight.

(Technically, these camellias are late winter, not spring, but we have a lot of overlap.)

(the beginnings of the hydrangea...)


  1. oh dear! I hope that the plants don't all freeze!!! they are so beautiful! this weather sure is up and down a lot!

  2. It's still all ice and snow here. I'll just look at your pictures a little longer..! :)

  3. Wow-how nice to see green! We are still under several feet of snow and ice, it is winter. I know we still have a couple of weeks, it's hard waiting...


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