Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bears, bears!

I've had a good bit of interest in the knitted bears lately. I finished one yesterday (or rather, his sweater) and one today. Yesterday was dark and stormy so I had to take the photos indoors which didn't result in very vibrant colors.

Master Bear is in pure, washable merino wool, as is his sweater. :) 
He'll need it to keep him warm and cozy in his new home in England.

Miss Bear is knitted in acrylic but her sweater is a soft cotton-acrylic blend. 
Somehow she just seemed to need the short sleeves and two buttons instead of one. 
(She got lucky because the weather was nicer today for photography.)

One more bear to go (for the current orders)!


  1. SO CUTE!!!!!!! I love the second to last picture - Miss Cutie Pie Bear seems so happy with life and perhaps a little aware of how cute she is! and Master Bear is wonderful! :)))))

    1. Haha, Father said she looked smug. ;)


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