Thursday, May 28, 2015

Some recent goings on...

Alas, my camera, my faithful companion for lo these many years, is no more. It has demised. It is an ex-camera. I've seen the end coming a long way off and just eked it out. In fact, I managed to extract the last photos by holding the power button down to keep the camera on. Admitting defeat, I removed the batteries and started researching cameras. I learned that my current (ex) camera could be purchased new for $700, but I think that's because it's an antique now. Nevertheless, after much hunting, debating, phone calls to family and emails to friends, I ordered a camera and will receive it next week. However, in the meantime I keep reaching for a camera that is no longer there. Like a phantom limb. *sob* I hate the idea of just throwing it away but it's broken. Burying it seems a bit much.

I've been procrastinating working on the play vestments because I'm starting from scratch. If I were merely making miniature vestments that would be one thing, but I'm trying to adapt them with elastic, etc., so they're more child-friendly. I did break down yesterday and purchase the grosgrain ribbon I'm going to use for galloon and some appropriate elastic. Now I need to get the ironing board out and iron all that fabric so I can start drafting patterns. That perfectionist side of me hates to get started because it won't be perfect. Oh well.

In other news:

...Pickles came up to me with that tattling look and said, "I was upside down on a chair being safe and..." Uh huh.

...I made a custom order of a dress and hat for a doll only 1.25 inches tall. I made it to coordinate with clothing the other collector's dolls were already wearing. I can't wait to see photos of the dress on the doll!

The doll for whom I made the dress and hat. (Collector's photo)

Another of the collector's dolls: 1.75 inches tall

...I took this picture of a house for sale in our town (with my phone - hence the poor quality). I shared it with a friend and she then shared the real estate photo.


  1. my goodness about the house! super cute doll dress you made! love your updates!

  2. eh, one house blessing and -POOF- no more errant steps or quiet screams.

  3. wow, talk about a fixer upper!

  4. Slightly haunted- that is hilarious!! And I agree with the house blessing!!

  5. Sorry about the passing of your camera, but love the reference to Monty Python's Dead Parrot sketch.


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