Thursday, June 18, 2015


 On a recent jaunt we did some sightseeing and finally we can say we saw Rock City. ;)

...AND Ruby Falls...


Some recent creations: This tiny dress and hat were a custom order and went into the shop.

This sweater set was made for a fellow matushka who is having a baby girl next month.

I finally started work on the play vestments. The phelonion is done.

The epitrachelion and belt are done as well.

Today I hope to get the cuffs and sticharion done. Then it's going into the shop! First come, first serve. It should fit boys anywhere from age 4-5 to 9-10. (I'll do a dedicated post once it's completely finished.)


  1. What pattern did you use for the baby sweater set? It is SO precious.

    1. Sorry! I meant to link that. This is the pattern for the hat ( and for the sweater ( The sweater can also be made with short sleeves. I had to cobble the booties together since I couldn't find a pattern to match.

  2. You're so talented! I love the little priest's vestments!!

  3. SO NEAT!!! your trip, the lovely sweater set and those little man vestments, precious!

  4. Love, love, LOVE the vestments!!!

  5. The photos of your trip are beautiful!


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