I’m thrilled and relieved to be able to pass on to you all that both Anna Harrington and her baby Irene are alive. They are in intensive care, but they’re going to make it. Baby Irene was born with some serious birth defects, but she’s here, and she’s going to live; that’s the important thing. Irene’s mother had a long and very difficult surgery, and lost a lot of blood, but pulled through and is now resting in the ICU.

You can imagine how relieved we all are. Thank you for your prayers and for your donations to the Go Fund Me account set up to provide help for the Harrington family in this time of great need. They have a very long and difficult road ahead of them. People from all over the world have been giving to help this missionary family. I hope that at least some of you can come down to St. Francisville one day and meet them, and see what your generosity has helped do for the Harringtons, and for the people they serve. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And above all on this day, thanks be to God, and glory to Him for all things!
 *     *     *     *     *