Friday, July 24, 2015

The IOCC and the 18th AAC

This is a story from the OCA's All American Council I haven't seen reported yet.

On Thursday there was a presentation from a representative of the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC). She showed this video and went on to discuss the work of the IOCC with the Syrian refugees. One fact she mentioned which was impressive to me (hearing about it later from Father) was that $.91 of every dollar donated goes to charity, and that there are matching grants of $7 for every $1 donation.

Another presentation was given, and then a third was about to begin when a priest stepped up to the microphone in the middle of the room. He asked if he might interrupt to say something. He was granted permission. He made reference to the IOCC presentation and said that in light of the fact that he just paid $9 for a beer (downtown Atlanta prices being rather inflated), he thought that everyone in the room could probably spare $20 right now to donate to the IOCC. Boxes were found and passed around during the next presentation. When they were collected, it was found that $11,000 had been collected for the IOCC. The IOCC representative was called up to the front and presented with a check from the OCA for $12,000. I'm sure I would have been in tears.

Please give to the IOCC if you are able. They help world-wide regardless of ethnicity or creed. May God bless their labors!


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