Sunday, August 2, 2015

A busy weekend

I'm grateful and happy to have all of my children (and husband!) home again. For the past three weeks at least one and sometimes three have been missing from the household and it was rather surreal. Everyone has had a good time, but now Mama needs a vacation. Seriously.

Yesterday our oldest son turned 12! It's hard to believe. The time goes by so quickly. Today we celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. Glory to God!

Today we also make public something we've been holding onto for a while - our hopes for a new little one to join our family next year in late January.

Please pray with us that this tiny one will continue to grow and thrive!


  1. praying! God bless!! much love!

  2. How wonderful! Many prayers for you all.

  3. Glory To God! Praying for you and your little one!

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  5. I don't think its a coincidence I've been saying this Kontakion for a while now. I had thought I was saying it for myself (in hopes we would be blessed with another child) but now I think I have been saying it for you unknowingly. May it be so in January!

    Anna rejoices, released from her barrenness,
    and nurses her most pure child.
    She calls all people to glorify Him
    Who gave the Virgin Mother to mankind from her womb.

  6. Praying for you and your baby


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