Friday, October 9, 2015

A Mixed Week

This week our family went to the beach.

I took my knitting and enjoyed working on some toddler sweaters. 

On Tuesday I turned 41 and the children threw me a lovely party. Unfortunately late that night we got the news that Mat. Sissy Yerger had been taken to the ER with worrying symptoms. The next morning we heard that she had a bleeding aneurysm in her brain. She fell asleep in the Lord at 3:15 that afternoon.

We came home a day early (today) so that Father could be at the funeral tomorrow. I had planned to go with him but realized this evening that it would be difficult for the children on top of the traveling today. I will miss being there. Most of all I will miss her sweet smile. Please pray for her husband, Fr. Paul Yerger, and her family, friends and parish.

May her memory be eternal!


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