Saturday, October 31, 2015


Below is one of the last truly happy photos we have of her during the party. 
It's hard to be two.

Miss Moppet was really impressed with her doll carriage. 
So much so that she wanted to get in herself. 
And was prevented:

She blew the candle out halfway through "Happy Birthday to You", 
so I decided she might like to blow it out again and relit it. 

However, we thought the taste of cake would cheer her up. 

She might as well have been singing, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to." :)

She got many lovely presents but being in a bad mood (and 2) she wasn't able to appreciate them all at the time. She's spent the evening playing with her toys and having a good time though.


  1. Two is hard at times! what a lovely party you had for her though!!! and her hard time past! HUGS to you as her Mama!!!

  2. My first child's first birthday he had a fever. We still had the party and he is red and crying in all the pictures.

  3. God grant Miss Moppet many,many years and her family strength to withstand the toddler years!

  4. Bless her little heart! Let's pray that three goes better.

  5. She's adorable, even when she's mad. I've got to pay more attention. I've missed so much!


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