Monday, November 2, 2015

Praying with my hands...

Five hearts left to quilt on this baby quilt and my finger tips have taken on the familiar rough texture unique to quilting. This quilt isn't set aside for a particular baby, nor is it destined for the shop. This quilt (when finished) will be auctioned online as part of an effort to help provide financial assistance for a friend whose husband has terminal glioblastoma. He is a two-year survivor now, which is miraculous in and of itself, and just had brain surgery a few days ago, but this is only a means of buying some time. Unfortunately there is no cure.

I will post the details for the auction when I have them ready but in the meantime, if you feel so inclined, please donate to their Gofundme site. And I would beg of you, please pray for the servants of God, Juliana and Theophan, and their four children.


  1. please let me know details of the auction? Do they need anymore quilts?

    1. Haha, it's more of a "we" than a "they". ;) So far, Michelle (Be as a Light) and I are the only ones making things, but we're setting up a FB page so we can auction things there. I would be delighted to have you (and anyone else!) join us!


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