Saturday, January 16, 2016

Counting down...

We're less than a week from birth now. I'm scheduled to have a c-section next Friday, the 22nd, at noon. I can't wait to finally "meet" this baby girl! We'll send out an announcement (with name!) when she is born.

I wanted to make a nice layette for her coming-home. The blanket is a white-on-white cotton floral on one side and white minky dot on the other, bound with satin blanket binding. Very simple, and we can use it for her baptism. The bonnet, sweater and booties are all knit from a very soft baby yarn in warm grey, embellished with varying sizes of cream-white satin ribbon. 

I finished this sweater for Miss Moppet a couple weeks ago, but finally got around to putting buttons on yesterday. The yarn is mostly bamboo with a little silk so it's super soft.

These little crocheted hats (I needed a break from knitting) were sent to my friend Michelle's Common Care organization. She sends them out to people who have lost babies during pregnancy.

While I was doing all the baby knitting I made these teensy booties for a sweet baby who still has teensy feet! I was thrilled to find that they fit. The ribbon ties mean they will NOT fall off. :)

All the diapers are arranged, the tiny clothes washed and put away, the car seat installed, the hand-made items finished, and we're just in waiting mode now. I will wait until the last minute to set up the bassinet and pack my bag for the hospital. Whew!


  1. Beautiful! We are praying for you all! Lots of love and prayers! ♡♡♡♡

  2. all so lovely! so excited for you!

  3. good wishes for a safe delivery and a quick recovery!I pray for you !

  4. I pray that all goes well for you and your little one!

  5. How beautiful. I pray all goes well. A new baby is the best thing to get excited about!

  6. So excited for you!!! We will say extra prayers for you on Friday! What an amazing time as you wait....

  7. I've been following your pregnancy here and on Ravelry, and am so excited for you and your family!


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