Monday, March 28, 2016

Cozy House Curios is back!

I took the shop out of vacation mode a week ago. I didn't reactivate items that need to be custom made since my time is uncertain and still limited at this point. The big exception to this is the toy censers, of course! I have already made and mailed nine since last week and I'm starting on a batch order for St. Tikhon's monastery bookstore. They also want to be stocked up for the Memorial Day Pilgrimage so I will be working!

If you're wanting any censers for Pascha, go ahead and order! In addition, there are some familiar things as well as two new little knitted bunnies:

Brother Bunny

Sister Bunny


  1. Those bunnies are too cute!!! Is there a point in life when one is considered too old to enjoy stuffed animals (asking for a friend...)


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