Monday, May 9, 2016

Some Dollhouse Photos...

 I've been meaning to take some photographs of Flopsy's dollhouse for some time. She is in the process of constructing one from scratch and it's impressive, but this "old" one she has been renovating in the meantime. It's still under construction, but the results are quite lovely. I just happened to be in their room today looking at it and my camera was handy. I didn't have anything to do with the staging of the house; I merely took the photos. :)


  1. She is so talented! This is beautiful.

  2. wow! so beautiful!!! so calming!!! what a wonderful eye for decorating!! and true style!! oh, that is just darling!!!

  3. ooooh! This is AMAZING! We are slooowly building a dollhouse for my 9 year old daughter. This will give us some great motivation! how stunning!~

    1. Dollhouses are such wonderful creative outlets!

  4. She loves design--interior design would make the perfect career for her--beautiful work


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