Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Kursk-Root Icon of the Theotokos visits St. Francisville, LA

 Yesterday we were blessed to be able to travel to St. Francisville, LA, to St. John the Theologian Orthodox Church (ROCOR) to venerate the wonder-working Kursk-Root icon of the Theotokos. We had been able to do this once before, and this time was no less amazing. When the icon visits Russia, 100,000 people queue up to catch a glimpse of the icon and to venerate it. In St. Francisville we all fit inside one mission church. Father had gone with Fr. Matthew of St. John's to pick up the icon in Shreveport, LA on Monday so the icon has actually traveled in our car.

Here are some links to learn more about this wonder-working icon:
OrthodoxWiki article about the icon
ROCOR article about the icon
The Kursk-Root Icon: A Miracle in our Times [book about the icon - I recommend it]


  1. so beautiful, thank God. how we need such times!

  2. We were able to visit/venerate the icon when it visited the ROCOR cathedral in Chicago about a decade ago--it was such a beautiful experience.


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