Thursday, July 21, 2016

Long, long overdue updates

Ever since (1) the children got email accounts, (2) the toddler discovered the wonders of cartoons, and (3) Windows 10 automatically loaded onto the desktop, wrecking untold havoc, I have been online via my phone 99% of the time. I can't really blog from there so this poor space has languished. So here are a few basic updates.

1. We're moving to a suburb north of Houston, TX. We've been transferred to St. Cyril of Jerusalem Orthodox Church in The Woodlands and will be moving around August 4th. I should note, as of today we are STILL looking for a place to live when we get there. I'm panicking and running around in circles not panicking at all.

2. Three of the older children (Duchess, Flopsy and Ginger) enjoyed going to Camp St. Thekla in SC. I spent the week at my parents' house with Mittens.

Our house is crowded with boxes, mostly packed, and things are insane. I will spare you further details and instead put up some posts of photos. Here's a nice calming one from the other evening:

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  1. still praying for you! big changes! lots and lots of love!


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